What Do You Have To Say? - The Soundtrack of My Life

What songs would you include on the "soundtrack of your life?"
Sexy Naughty Bitchy me- Tata Young
I love you- Tila Tequila
Maneater- Nelly Furtado
Piece of Me-Britney Spears
Without me- Eminem
Boygrinder-Jack Off Jill
When I am Queen-Jack Off Jill
We want cunt- Jeffree Star
White and Nerdy-Wierd Al 
Poison- Alice Cooper
Another brick in the wall- Queen

For lack of a better title, Things I'm Addicted to

List of things I'm addicted to

1. Now, this of course has to be the lovely Alan Rickman! It seems I can't go a few hours without watching a film of his(or a clip from a film), seeing a picture, or hearing his voice.

2. Myspace. I am a myspace whore. Yes, I admit to it. Whether it be my regular myspace, a Harry Potter/Sweeney Todd roleplay myspace, or my Alan Rickman fanpage myspace, I have to be on one atleast once a day.

3. Coffee. Even though my damn ex-boyfriend was obsessed with coffee. He's not good enough for coffee!

4. My almost-ipod-thingy. I'm constantly listening to music, or clips of Alan Rickmans smexy voice!

5. My bff Brianna. The only loyal friend I have. The only girl that's been able to put up with me for 4 years. I would die if I couldn't see her!

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    7 minutes in heaven~ Fall Out Boy

New years resolutions

I've decided that as a new years resolution, I will post at least one journal entry a day. I will either tell about my day, pick a random topic, or just babble on about nothing in particular. Today I think I will tell about my day. Okay then....this morning I woke up, got dressed, all the normal stuff. Anyways, I got caught up in whatever I was doing online (Probably talking on my Harry Potter/Sweeney Todd roleplay account) and was almost late to school. Barely got there before the bell. Then, on to first period art. That's really the only class I like. We had this paper with squiggley lines on it, and we had to find pictures in the squiggles and draw them. The teacher liked mine, especially this really cool looking victorian chair I drew. Then, second period science. It was...interesting. Me and this psycho rich girl were making fun of my ex boyfriend because his science project looked like crap. It looked like he just scribbled some stuff on the poster board before class started. The, she had to try and talk to the fish in the fish tank. 0_o Anyways after that I went to hell, also known as gym class. After rushing to get changed into my gym clothes then running to the gym to avoid being late, I had to do a million different stretches and warm ups and stuff. As if I wasn't already in enough pain after that, the teacher decided to have us run a lap. In the freezing cold. Just in our gym sweats and tshirt. No jacket. After that we played dodgeball. Just what I want to do. run around in circles like an idiot while people heave balls at my head. Sounds fun. Anyways, I had math after that. We got this dumb project thing. We have to survey a hundred people on a subject of our choice (mine is "who's your favorite Harry Potter charecter?") I spent all of lunch surveying people, and I still only have 60. After lunch, it was fifth period social studies. We had a debate and read an article about Cortez, which lead to my dumbass friend Devin getting kicked out of the class for the day. Just like always. lang/lit was pretty uneventful (we just had a spelling bee thing.) Even though it was odd to see that half the class doesn't know how to spell scissors. That was about all that happened.
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(no subject)

Okay, I feel like going off on some long, stupid, off topic rant about absolutely nothing so here it is. I pierced my ears teh day before yesterday in my bathroom with a needle, mainly just cause i was bored. I do really stupid stuff when I get bored. Like, yesterday I got really bored so now i have an imaginary friend. His name is Lars and he's emo and bi and he has a boyfriend named Raquel who looks kinda like gerard way except he has pink highlights in his hair. I wish I had hot pink highlites, that would look awesome. I hate my hair it looks all plain and boring. but it look cool when I put part of it in pigtails and leave part of it hanging down. I actually did that today, and it looked awesome but it kinda made me look like a scene kid. which is cool, but i dont really act like it i act more emo. I hate it when people are all like"emos just music! people cant be emo!" its just like, STFU! it STARTED as a type of music then turned into a fashion statment, thus making people who dressed like that and listened to the music emo. and speaking of fashion statments, I love the song"its not a fashion statment, its a fucking deathwish". Seriously, MCR rocks. Me and Kieran are gonna go to an MCR concert sometime. I hope when we go camping together I'll remember to bring snacks, cause theres no way im eating poor inocent fish. and its times like these i think "shit...im gonna starve to death" but im not gonna stop being a vegetarian. I love animals so much. I miss my dog, but im gonna get to see her next week cause im going back to my grandmas. omg...i can rant alot about nothing. Jack Sparrow is awesome....I love the scene where he has that jar of dirt and hes like "i got a jar of dirt! I got a jar of dirt! and guess whats inside it!" but you know whats a really annoying song? cant touch this. and the milkshake song. and my humps.  You know what? Im starting to annoy myself. You know what would be weird? if any one had the attention span to still be reading this. Scrubs is an awesome TV show. Im watching clips from it right now, and theyre freakin hilarious. no ones online....kieran was online but he had to go to teh store with his sister. So now Im all alone with noone to talk to....except Lars and Raquel. im such a freak sometimes...well, at least im better than my friend sapna. for about a month she thought she was married to a dollar bill. I want chocolate..im hungry. and bored...and i gotta go to bed soon.  okay, then anyone whhos still reading, bye bye!

You Might Be Emo If....

I was watching Jeff Foxworthy(you might be a redneck if..) so heres You Might Be Emo If..

Your pants are too small for your little sister.

Your no longer allowed to listen to Hawthorne Heights in public, because you start crying uncontrolabley.

You think that its very romantic that you and your boyfriend have matching converse.

Your internet is down for a day and you start screaming "omg! all my myspace friends are gonna think I hate them!" and then start crying.